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Organisational Development - Iris Group Pty Ltd

Organisational Development


  • Lost some good people lately?
  • Struggling to keep up with demand for innovation?
  • Unable to get women into senior roles?
  • Frustrated that change programs are stalling?
  • Dealing with bullying and harassment claims?
  • Unable to identify a capable successor?
  • Team consistently missing their KPIs?
  • Do internal politics suffocate your productivity?

Then let’s start a conversation about how I can help you. I am dedicated to working with senior leaders, in order to optimise a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture. I do this by designing, delivering and enabling, high impact conversations that heal. My philosophy is that any group, family or organisational culture is essentially a living human system and when I apply the same principles used in any holistic practice, there is an opportunity for spontaneous healing and growth, provided that adequate context and structure are present. I have observed 5 key principles that need to be held as top priorities for adequate context and structure, in order to keep a living system in a state of optimal health. I have worked extensively over the past 12 years as a coach and organisational development consultant, to help my clients bring these principles to life:

  1. Clarity of Vision: In its highest expression, when the system is working well and producing amazing outcomes, what does it look like?
  2. Shared Purpose,well Articulated: Why was this system created in the first place? What and who is it for, really? Who knows and understands this and who realises and owns the part they are playing?
  3. Power to Contribute: Who is empowered, who gets a voice and how does this enhance or diminish the energy running through the system? Empowerment means overcoming our default patterns of avoidance, compliance or the use of fear as a means of controlling or escaping from challenges.
  4. Authentic Presence: having integrity, showing up and being real, paying attention. People are more educated than ever before and are no longer willing to tolerate fake leadership or purely positional authority.
  5. Balanced Perspective: from personal stress reduction to paid parental leave and on to diversity and gender economics – all business issues of the 21st century are becoming intertwined with public health, social sustainability and macroeconomics.

I am often engaged by the leader of an organisation at the point where they know there are a few key people creating damage within the system. The client knows that part of their legacy is to heal the system before they move on or retire. This requires some brave work, which I am happy to take on in collaboration with my clients, and a HR director recently let me know that I was by far the “gutsiest” consultant that they had ever had and that they had never got this far with this issue before. It is my role to support senior leaders in organisations in facilitating the “un-had” conversations necessary to restore the health and productivity of their system.

For example, you may have one or more people in a role that does not match their skills and abilities, which can be de-stabilising for them, for you and the organisation. Our work together supports you as the leader to navigate the high-impact conversations necessary, for the truth of the situation to be acknowledged. The tension that was created around avoiding those conversations gets to be mobilised, freeing up energy for productivity, in a way that is healing for the individual concerned and for the system as a whole.

If you would like to begin to open up those “un-had” conversation in your organisation with courage, confidence, trust and skill, then contact me to learn more about how I can support you in that process.