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Women Power & Body Wisdom - Iris Group Pty Ltd
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Women Power
Body Wisdom

A 90-day Journey with Your Divine Feminine

Is this you?

    • High functioning Executive or Entrepreneur
    • Strong sense of identity, well-respected in your preferred circles and proud of your well-earned ‘personal brand’
    • Enjoying the privileges that come with this level of success
    • Well travelled and confident in any setting
    • Actively sharing your wealth, wisdom and discretionary time with others
    • Happily married to your now-best- friend OR happily separated because you discovered they weren’t OR somewhere in between and navigating the emotional rollercoaster

Perhaps you are also

    • Managing or mediating a network of complex relationships and expectations
    • Working and playing so hard that you don’t get to see your partner/best friend as much as you would like to
    • Letting yourself down on a regular basis when it comes to taking space, solitude and pure relaxation, while desiring it even more strongly now
    • A bit bored with the routine of your life, however selfish that may sound
    • Hard-pressed to remember when you last
      • enjoyed such a good belly-laugh you couldn’t stop the tears running down your face
      • were running, dancing , moving freely, with nothing else present but the now, and the pleasure of being alive
      • didn’t have to be somewhere……

Iris quote mark     I am committed to helping women transform their relationship with their bodies, accessing their self worth and being the powerful leaders they are meant to me.      Iris quote mark

Sue Tsigaros

You might even be wondering if now is the time to

    • Revisit some of the dreams, parts of self, wishes or pastimes that had to be put aside, while on the fast track to your current success
    • Reconnect with your physical body, your softer side, your innocence, your deeper self – in a way that feels safe and non-judgmental – curious about what you will find
    • Feel truly creative again
    • Feel young and alive again
    • Bring your original, potential self off the back burner and truly embrace her!


Perhaps you are concerned that

    • Having not ‘used it’, you might have already ‘lost it’!
    • The doors might be already closed, the ‘path taken’ having led you too far to find your way back….
    • Others will criticize you for taking your eye off the ball, becoming a flower child or letting yourself go….

Is it really so greedy or ungrateful to contemplate such indulgence? Actually it’s not selfish, or stupid. It is an act of self-honouring. It’s a time for sacred reconnection with the creative intelligence that flows through all of nature, including humans. And indeed it will allow you to come back even better and stronger to your career, your friends and your family.

In fact, the Women Power & Body Wisdom Journey is a way to give so much more to the world, that begins by bringing our awareness back to our bodies, exploring where our self-esteem and identity come from, understanding what it means to be a woman, respecting our sexuality and allowing all the neglected parts of ourselves to re-integrate.

When you are no longer torn, disconnected, conflicted and compartmentalised, your energy levels will soar and your creativity multiplies. You will show up with more clarity, ease and grace than ever before. You have an open heart and an open mind, while being able to say ‘no’ when needed, with love, respect and power.

As you are more finely attuned to your own needs, it becomes easier to have those needs met, as well as being more attuned to and generous with others.

Generosity for a wise woman is no longer limited to offering money and time. It also extends to being generous with truth, love, compassion, spaciousness, connections and wisdom.

Spots are limited
I am only taking a maximum of 10 participants for an intensive and highly interactive experience. If you are keen to find out more or are thinking that this *might* be for you, please sign up for the FREE conversation with me (and find out if it’s right for you…)

This is what it means to enter the realm of your Divine Feminine Wisdom.

The woman who enters this realm finds herself resting, truly at peace with herself for the first time in years.

    • She sleeps well
    • Is able to focus intensely or let go and relax, whenever she wishes
    • Can converse with assertiveness, lightly and powerfully
    • No longer carries bitterness or resentment, while still caring deeply
    • Engages courageously in new activities exploring the world in a new way
    • Invests in opportunities and causes that bring her great joy, satisfaction and significance
    • She has more love in her life
    • Greater self-expression
    • Is making a significant impact socially/educationally/financially with people whose causes she believes in
    • She has more intimacy
    • Feels and looks younger, radiant and is at peace with her natural beauty.
    • She is a leader, a healer, a light-bearer

Is this the deeper you?

I am calling in, a small group of 10 amazing women for the next Women, Power and Body Wisdom Journey, starting in mid-June this year.

Could you be on this journey with us? Keep on reading…

The 90-day Women Power & Body Wisdom Journey includes 5 important parts.


    1. Preliminary activity:
        • An informal gathering to discuss the work, answer questions and invite people in (function is subject to spaces still being available at that time)
        • Private consultation with Sue by phone or in-person, to establish our connection, determine your intentions and desired outcomes
    2. Weekend Retreat:
        • We have a fully residential in a secluded, peaceful country acreage location, within 1.5 hours drive from Sydney CBD.
        • All meals, snacks and accommodation are included, and we have a beautiful property to enjoy.
        • The Retreat includes a 2-day program of inquiry and discovery, around our identity as women, and our relationship with our bodies and ourselves – as well as our life purpose as co-creators.
        • Surroundings are abundant with wildlife and fresh air. There are inspiring views in every direction
        • With a maximum of 10 participants this is an intensive and highly interactive experience, not a passive seminar-style event.
        • Everybody will have the opportunity – and will be encouraged – to be fully seen and heard and to receive coaching and support with their process.
        • It is a deeply healing and transformational experience and is supported by 10 weeks of post-workshop activity to help you deepen and embody the work.
    3. Personal Follow up for each participant on the Women Power & Body Wisdom Journey:
        • A one-on- one call with Sue within the first 2 weeks of the workshop.
        • A full, one-hour, face-to- face session with Sue within the first 2 months of the workshop.
    4. Group Calls for each participant on the Women Power & Body Wisdom Journey:
        • Four (4), 90-minute group calls each fortnight in the 10 weeks following the workshop
        • These are for program members only and are to continue supporting the processes and commitments to self that you as participants have already begun.
    5. Community:
        • A celebration event in September, where you will be able to share and celebrate your learnings and breakthroughs since the workshop.
        • You will also have the opportunity to meet other alumni who have travelled this journey themselves.
        • You will have the opportunity to network with other strong women who are ‘up to something’ – just like you!

Your Investment

Women Power & Body Wisdom Journey is valued at $4,950.00. Getting your life back: Priceless.

The fee you pay depends on your accommodation preferences for the weekend (Solo King to twin share singles) and whether you take advantage of the early-bird option.

Spots are limited
I am only taking a maximum of 10 participants for an intensive and highly interactive experience. If you are keen to find out more or are thinking that this *might* be for you, please sign up for the FREE conversation with me (and find out if it’s right for you…)

Sue Tsigaros profile picture

Who is Sue?

Sue completed her Masters degree in Coaching Psychology in 2002 following a 20-year corporate career, while establishing Iris Group. Here she helps female leaders achieve their mission by getting out of their own way.

Sue brings a unique combination of hands-on transformational skills, a depth of experience earned through a lifetime of growth with a deep understanding of psychology and the realm of spirit. She can draw on a range of modalities in her work to ensure that every participant in her programs achieves extraordinary outcomes

In her work Sue acts both as a guide, a coach and an inspiration leading program participants and private clients to explore new depths within themselves, leading to clearer visions and faster achievement of their goals and dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants will there be?

I like to keep these groups nice and intimate, this way everyone benefits and feels comfortable and at ease.

Can I pay off my investment?

Yes, if you would like to pay installments rather than a lump sum this can be arranged, however you will not enjoy the early bird pricing. Please send me an email by clicking here and we can discuss your options.

I've never attended a workshop like this, what can I expect?

There is no one size fits all to this question. Everyone’s experiences are different, however by attending and participating fully I can confidently say you will ‘release’ a lot of baggage and ‘chatter’. One previous participant said she felt “refreshingly alive and so much lighter”. Come along and you’ll see…

Where can I stay?

Are venues always offer comfortable 4 to 5 star accommodations? Although there are other accommodations nearby, to get the most out of the workshop I do recommend you stay at the venue. That way you can totally immerse and spoil yourself for the 3 days.

Is this programme for women only?

Yes it is. This is a very intimate process and I want you to feel comfortable and at ease when you participate in the various activities. This allows your powerful feminine energy to rise and blossom.

Spots are limited
I am only taking a maximum of 10 participants for an intensive and highly interactive experience. If you are keen to find out more or are thinking that this *might* be for you, please sign up for the FREE conversation with me (and find out if it’s right for you…)

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