Career Coach Sydney

Why Choose a Career Coach?

Tired of seeing others promoted ahead of you? 

Feeling stuck where you are and unsure how to move on? 

Do you feel as though something is missing in your workplace? 

If yes, career coaching could be the answer you’re looking for!

Maybe you’ve been grinding away in your management job and you’re just not sure what the point is. Or you’ve been recently retrenched and though things were looking up, you now feel disappointed by your prospects. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to shine in your career.

Female managers, in particular, can often feel as though they cannot progress beyond where they are currently. Women in the workplace face many challenges, including facing feelings of inferiority or external expectations of multi-tasking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and overburdened in your career – its time to do something for you. 

If this resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Tap into your femininity and gain the confidence and skills to step up your career. Feel respected and learn helpful management techniques tailored to your unique challenges and situation. 

You can do this and more without having to settle for less.

Don’t settle for a career that’s unsatisfying. You have unique giftings and strengths. You deserve to feel valued and experience the benefit of a career with purpose and drive. 

Your career goals are in reach and now’s the time for you to reach them. Don’t believe us?

We’ve seen it time and again.

Career Coaching for Women in Sydney

As a woman, you face unique pressures in life, and you may feel as though you’ve reached your peak in your career.

You can make a real change in your career today by enlisting the help of a career coach. Sue will teach you her career-changing mindset to uncover your unique personal strengths and be empowered to reach your career potential.

Invest in yourself and benefit from a one-on-one coaching service.

Whether you need guidance in advancing your career or beginning fresh after retrenchment, you’re in the right place. Sue is able to guide you toward a career that will inspire and encourage your strengths. 

What will you gain from career coaching?

  1.   An understanding of your strengths – and how to best mobilise those areas to reach your career goals.

2.  Find your career purpose and create actionable steps to achieving a career that satisfies. 

3.   Access to one-on-one coaching service tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. Sue will guide you in finding a job you’ll be excited to work at. You’ll also be taught how to perform better in interviews and assemble your resume to best showcase yourself.

4.    Learn what it takes to succeed as a woman in a management position. Sue understands what it’s like to face the unique challenges of management. She can provide advice on everything from motivating your team, to dealing with gender expectations in the workplace. 

5.     Embrace your individual strengths and learn from the challenges you have faced. Who you are and your experiences are important. That’s why Sue also offers personally tailored leadership coaching to uncover your unique untapped leadership potential. Don’t remain stuck where you are, instead, it’s time you move forward with your career. 

Looking for a career coach in Sydney? You’re in luck!

Our Career Coaching Philosophy

We offer 100% personalised coaching services that help you to identify your purpose and career goals. We will help you identify the changes that are holding you back from reaching the next stage in your career. It’s not always easy. But we’re here to help. 

Our passion is to see all of our clients empowered within their careers. 

This is about you. What do you want to achieve from your career? What is your purpose from your career?

Not sure?

We know that sometimes, your sense of drive and purpose can seem diminished. Whether this is because of the disheartening reality of retrenchment, or because of a lack of alignment in the company and your values, we know it’s hard.

We’ve been there and experienced this first hand. 

Meet Career Coach Sue Tsigaros

Sue founded Iris Group Coaching with the sole mission to be there for women in executive or leadership roles. There are unique challenges you face and that’s why our coaching services exist.

Sue has years of experience helping people rediscover (or discover for the first time!) their passions, strengths and career purpose. Become equipped and excited to get more out of your career than you dreamed possible.

We see you and we value you. 

We want to help you find your purpose and drive. Don’t settle for less.

Are you ready?


Take the first step in achieving your career goals by booking a consultation today. 

How Sue has helped leaders like you 

“Sue is incredibly insightful and within a short period of time, has been able to help me see my strengths and opportunities for growth.  I have appreciated her wise counsel and ability to help me re-frame challenges.

Working with Sue has given me a different way to think about challenges and has given me tools for being able to express myself with greater confidence.  Through this process I have gained a greater insight into what is important to me, and how I can better align my actions and purpose.  I’ve also gained a much better understanding of what triggers me and how I can avoid unhelpful behaviours.  

At first the idea of executive coaching was a bit intimidating for me.  Now that I’ve been through this process, I really see that it is an incredible investment in yourself.  I have gained so much more out of this than I expected.  I had hoped to increase my leadership capacity and my confidence – and it has – but I’ve also gained some valuable insights into what is important to me as a person, helping me to manage relationships both at work and in my personal life.”

~ Kate Speare (Infrastructure Funding Policy Director NSW Department Planning, Industry & Environment)

“Thank you. You have an open-hearted graciousness and a huge depth of skill. Spiritual Intelligence meets EQ and IQ. Thank you for your own journey. Your many ‘yes’s in your own life have crafted a skilled, authentic teacher. I really loved your translation of ‘esoteric’ principles into practical realities. It has been a pleasure to meet and learn from you.”

~ Mary Dwyer (Director Impact Solutions International)

“Sue’s knowledge, wisdom and compassion make her a very valuable coach. Combing business advice with holistic wisdom and business systems with ancient healing, Sue always seems to say and do the right things for the right time. Not only am I continuing to grow in myself and my business, I feel safely held and guided on the journey.”

~ Daniela Falecki (Educator-Speaker-Coach Teacher Wellbeing)

“Sue has been working with me for several years as my executive coach and I could not recommend her enough to anyone wishing to extend themselves and their career. Sue has the ability to challenge, stimulate and drive self-improvement whilst keeping the fun in personal enlightenment – what a great combination. The “Amazing Grace” workshop for women was another unique opportunity that has helped me understand who I am and what drives my attitudes to money, work and achievement. I truly value my learning experiences with Sue.”

~ Debbie Sharpe (Director, Strategic Operations & Change Realisation at WSLHD)

“Sue and I have had the opportunity to engage on a range of occasions, most notably over 2019 where I had the privilege of working with Sue as a mentor. Asthma Australia Ltd was formed in October 2017, the merger of several Asthma Foundations across QLD, NSW, Victoria, ACT and SA with the former Asthma Australia Inc. I was delighted to have been offered the opportunity by the Board to lead the amalgamation and realise the potential of a single, larger organisation.

Sue has provided invaluable support, insights, and encouragement during the time we have been working together. She is a consummate professional, intelligent, well networked, and importantly balanced. She sets an excellent example for women in leadership.”

~ Michele Goldman (CEO Asthma Australia)

“I would highly recommend Sue to help get the business and life outcomes you are looking for; she is wonderful to work with. Sue is a professional in every way and her advice is practical and life changing. Sue Initiates profound thought which enables deep-seated blocks to be revealed and she specialises in getting to the core issues. She is open, honest and to the point. Her positive bubbly nature is infectious I love being around her.”

~Robin Baird (Community Place Manager, Sydney Metro)

“Sue is an excellent coach with a common-sense approach to business issues and personal development. My time with Sue allowed me to improve my presentation skills to the point where I now look forward to presenting in front of large and small groups, something I never felt I would be comfortable doing. I am more than happy to recommend Sue to anyone looking to develop themselves further.”

~ Mark Twomey (CFO, Youth Off The Streets)

“I have hired Sue’s services as a Business Coach and mentor. Her integrated background in Psychology, Business and Coaching make her an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. She has both supported and stretched me to work towards my best possible self and allow my business to flourish. Her ability to read and interpret where I am at and where I need to be is truly inspiration. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue and Iris Group to any prospective businesses or individuals who require professional coaching.”

~ Claudia Owad (Owner, Creative Training and Secretary, International Coach Federation Australasia Inc.)

“I have known Sue for three years now and she has impressed me with her work ethic, professional expertise and wonderful personal demeanour. Just a few days ago I underwent a discovery session with Sue concerning my relationship with money. A remarkable, challenging 40 minutes that lead to a truly enlightening break through. She has changed my financial thinking forever and I look forward to continuing the journey with her.”

~ John Mason (Managing Consultant,

“Sue has developed an effective career coaching tool which is focused on my personal situation. Not only am I achieving great results but I am also enjoying the journey. I would highly recommend Sue if you seek clarity surrounding your future career prospects.”

~ Tara Hopton

“Sue Tsigaros of Iris Group is one of those amazing women. She’s smart, warm, generous and fun, making her an absolute pleasure to work with. She is incredibly insightful and perceptive and has an uncanny ability to read your mind. She brings together enormous wisdom and wit and shares this with those she works with to increase confidence, change mindsets and help women business owners to truly build their businesses in a way that suits them, not anyone else.”

~ Rosemary Gillespie (Owner, Proof Communications)

“Sue, you are a brilliant light in my life!  Every time I am in need of support, you are there for me, even thousands of miles away!  Your coaching wisdom, serenity, insights, and expertise have helped me time after time to step into my most powerful self and have contributed to me tripling my income in one year.  Thank you for being my coach and champion!”

~ Janis Charlton Pullen (Executive Mastery Coach and Founder of Ontological Weight Loss: Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution.)

“Anyone who works with corporate clients MUST and I mean MUST engage Sue as your coach!  Her complete understanding of the complexity of organizations, how they operate and how to navigate them, even though you think you may know, will propel you to a completely different level of understanding and therefore success.    She’s a master! Sue helped me strategize how to move forward a project that had to travel the winding path of corporate politics.  She helped me break down into easy steps which level of the organization to start with and how to gather data to help me move this project forward so it could actually happen.   This project included 9 leaders with revenue in excess of 45,000. Thank you, thank you.  Words cannot express my gratitude.”

~ Quenby Ruben-Sprague (M.H.R.O.D., R.D. President and CEO, Healthcare Corporate Coaching Specialist.)

“In a short amount of time working with Sue, I have clearly designed my business signature system which helped me to leverage my time and increase my fees.  She brilliantly helped me know how to charge what I am worth and get it.  She is an amazing mentor for anyone in the business world. I love, love, love working with Sue.”

~ Becky

“Thanks so much, Sue, for putting me back on track early in the year. The business has gone very well and I have been really busy. The good news is that it got to a stage of fantastic growth that I merged my business with another business in October.”

Jenny Rudolph (Associate Director, Elton Consulting)

“Sue, thank you for your coaching, for giving me a safe place to explore my thoughts and feelings, and for asking the tough questions that need answering.”

~ Vanessa Hall (Director, Entente)

Career Coach FAQ

What do you expect from a career coach?

A career coach will take a personalised look at you. You’re a whole person, so an understanding of who you are, your circumstance and what you want out of your job is important. A great career coach will take a holistic approach to give you career advice tailored to you personally. 

Sue will work with you in a one-on-one capacity to guide you towards a career that will give you purpose, value, and satisfaction. With a wide network and years of experience, you will be able assisted in finding the career that will be a good fit for you. 

Are career coaches the same as career counsellors?

A career coach is not a counsellor. 

A career coach cannot do the hard work of change for you. 

A career coach is not a recruitment officer and cannot guarantee you will get a job or ace an interview. Be wary if a career coach says they can guarantee you will get a job. 

As a career coach, Sue can offer you personalized insights on how you can move forward with your career. What you do with that advice is up to you. We want you to walk away from our services feeling empowered to make necessary changes and will do all we can to help you on your career path, especially during uncertain times. 

Are career coaches worth the money?

If you feel as though you are in a rut, or approaching career burn out, a career coach is invaluable. Sometimes, an external perspective is necessary to help us gain clarity and work towards our goals. 

If you’ve been recently retrenched you may have initially felt high as a kite about your prospects. Over time that excitement fizzles and you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of the path forward. 

Gain access to a wealth of experience, insight and personally tailored guidance to help you on your career journey. Invest in yourself and your career by working directly with Sue. 

Does career coaching really work? Should I hire a career coach?

You get out what you put in. Our career coaching service is best suits to executives and managers who have been in the workforce for some time, and are feeling dissatisfied with their current situation. 

If you’re a fresh graduate, career counselling may be more appropriate for you but that’s not what we offer. This involves using a range of personality tests to help you decide what career to begin approaching. 

For executives and managers, our career coaching service does sometimes use personality tests, but these are administered on a personalised level. They can be helpful for gaining a broader picture of you, your history, your unique talents and your circumstances.

What makes a great career coach?

A great career coach should have experience in leadership within the workplace. If they are going to coach executives and managers on career decisions, it’s important they know how it feels to walk in their clients’ shoes.

Sue Tsigaros has been a leader in several organisations. She has experienced the transitions of these organisations and the challenges they bring up.

This first-hand knowledge helps her to understand the context you are in and the pressures you face. You can be assured that Sue will understand your struggles of making the right career decisions and particularly of being a leader within the workplace. 

What are the benefits of career coaching?

Career coaching enables you to be empowered beyond your workplace. This isn’t just about language or mindset, but about making concrete changes that impact your career and how fulfilled you feel.

You are amazing, you deserve to feel respected in the workplace. When you embody the changes we may suggest, you will be able to lead a more productive and efficient career. 

What is the difference between a life coach and a career coach?

Life coaches offer advice and insight for goals across life, whereas career coaches are focused in particular on your career.

While there is always some overlap across areas of life, a career coach is a specialist in empowering you within your workplace and on your career trajectory. 

How do I prepare for career coaching?

Begin thinking about what you want to get out of your career. Be prepared to put into practice the principles you learn. It won’t always be easy, but it will be valuable. 

How do I find a career I love?

Your career coach will be able to help you figure out your career purpose. Sue is trained in recognising the strengths of individuals and helping them determine the best career path forward.