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Boutique Executive Leadership Training Programs

Let’s be clear, is it really executive training that you’re looking for? Or are you wanting to learn how to be a better business leader and you think that some training might help?

In other words, are you just looking for a theoretical approach delivered in a training program with a set curriculum, or do you want to drive meaningful change across your organisation in a highly actionable way?

Being a better leader goes beyond absorbing and retaining information. There’s a new skill set you need to develop and apply as well. Most training programs are too general to assist you to develop the specific tools you need to grow in your executive role.

That’s why at Iris Group Coaching, we focus on personalising the highly practical and actionable aspects most executive training programs miss out on.

It All Starts With You And Your Team

Are you considering some training for your team? If so, how do you decide what executive training programs to invest in that will be relevant and useful to each and every one of your team members?

It’s the difference between intangible theory or being able to implement actionable skills and tools immediately.

At Iris Group we help you choose the right leadership training and supporting processes which impact the bottom line. Our programs are customised to the needs of the individuals who are a part of them.

That’s right, we go the extra mile.

We take the time to get to know each and every person on your team before we start any training by initiating a one-on-one 360-feedback process. By improving the results and morale of each member of your team, you’ll optimise your return on investment.

See how our custom executive training methodology can work for your team today!

Leadership Training, Coaching or Group Workshops?

Sometimes people talk about training and coaching interchangeably. Consider the differences outlined below:



Executive Training

Executive Coaching

Group Program


Delivering a pre-determined syllabus

Create learning and key outcomes through self-awareness and change in behaviour

Help a group learn about a shared or given area of interest and/or skill


Subject matter expertise on specific topic areas

Curated by the coach to suit the client’s needs and interests at the time

Combination of content delivery and coaching activity in a group context

Level of Interaction

One to many; opportunistic Q & A

Full attention to your process and your questions as well as challenging your thinking

Up to the participants; minimal one to one however


Little or none unless qualifying examinations are involved

Very high – an essential aspect of coaching

Best if group program runs overtime and support systems are provided. Otherwise similar to training

Retention of Information

Up to 70% lost within a week unless deliberately actioned and applied

High retention and can even be life-changing

Depends on program and your level of engagement

Behaviour Change

You’re on your own

Highly likely and with supportive guidance from your coach

Possible with peer support

Investment per person





So, do you want training, personal coaching, a group program or some combination of these, to bring out the best in you and your people?

How do you get the best bang for your buck? It could be any one of these depending on your situation. Most often if you want the job done well, it becomes a combination of all three customised to the needs of your team and organisation. Contact us to discuss your Executive Leadership Development further.

At Iris Group, when it comes to Leadership Training, we only do it the REAL way.

For us, that means Relevant, Engaging and Actionable with Lasting impact. This ensures that our training programs offer REAL value for our clients.

It’s Relevant, based on evidence provided by your people.

  • We are not pushing some latest, trending leadership or performance ‘hack’, attempting to roll it out across all of your leadership teams, regardless of whether they believe its relevant for them.
  • Everything related to change requires buy-in. Leaders will buy into the idea of investing their time in a training session only when they know that there is something in it for them, and there is also something valuable at stake if they don’t go (such as their reputation, effectiveness or capacity to achieve results).
  • When leaders realise they have competency gaps, blind spots or a way of doing things that is not serving them, they are usually keen to remedy the situation!
  • Our participants know that the topics are Relevant because they have already identified this in their 360-feedback process (need to link to another page or downloadable with opt-in) with us, that they can benefit by improving in these key areas.


It’s Engaging, because its designed with your specific participants in mind.

  • Our facilitator has already created rapport with them and some understanding of their role in the one-to-one 360-feedback sessions.
  • The group is an intact team or cohort, with challenges in common that have been identified as the core training topics to focus on.
  • Participants can get real work done in the training program, because the new content is delivered in the context of their current work and your organisation’s business priorities, culture and language.
  • The facilitator invites sharing of personal stories and asks informed, challenging questions that invite reflection.
  • Open, facilitated discussion also deepens the level of trust and shared understanding amongst the team.


It’s Actionable, because all topics are represented in the participants’ Development Plans that they created at the start in their 360-feedback process (need to link to another page or downloadable with opt-in)

  • Applying the concepts and translating them into learning happens in real time during the training. It also happens between sessions if training is delivered as part of an integrated program, which we highly recommend.
  • There is active engagement rather than passive consumption of content, leading to the ‘what’s next?’ question and interest to take things to the next level.
  • There are specific assignments to be done between sessions.
  • Group norms of mutual accountability and respect are established from the outset and the facilitator is proactive in managing this.


The outcomes are Lasting because:

  • The learning for each individual is relevant to them and satisfying as they see they are making a difference.
  • The group itself finishes with a more cohesive and vibrant dynamic from when it started.
  • The contents, frameworks and ways of thinking that participants have learned, each have their own descriptive language, significant words or symbols.
  • This shared language supports a perspective and culture, which allows them to have conversations about work in a way that they could not have done before.
  • Participants thereby co-create new levels of making-meaning, with a broader understanding of themselves, their teams, the business and its potential.
  • Their attitude towards the business, their role, and all the relationships that exist within this context shifts to a more advanced level.
  • Attitudes create behaviours and behaviours create habits that last.

The result?

It is now clear from extensive research into leadership and productivity, that leadership drives organisational culture, and culture drives results.

At Iris Group, we are experts in the development of leaders and the transformation of culture. Our executive training and coaching programs are at the core of facilitating this transformation.

How Do You Know If Your Managers Need Leadership Training and Development?

Some key questions to ask yourself would be along the following lines:

  1. Are our managers effective enough?

Can your managers get a return from their team for the effort that they put into their job? Do they have adequate industry knowledge, are they credible and do they share information and resources appropriately?

  1. Are they strategically oriented?

Can they see that your strategic plan is being executed well? Can they mentor others generating the engagement needed to bring your vision to life and can they foster development of talent?

  1. Do they behave as role models?

Are they capable of developing valuable relationships? Do your managers behave as a high functioning team themselves, or are they fractured, fighting and splintered into silos – damaging the potential for cross functional collaboration and innovation?

  1. Do they act with integrity?

More importantly, are they aligned with your brand promise? Do they offer a clear strong message to their team, to the customers and the stakeholders as to what your company really stands for and offers, over and above your competitors?

Executive Training & Culture Management

Lack of capability in any of these leadership competency areas can affect your organisation’s performance, productivity, reputation, culture and the morale of your employees.

Leadership truly determines culture and your culture determines the results that your organisation achieves. You can read more here about how we help organisations develop a high performing culture.

Companies that are committed to organisational growth and development prioritise a regular assessment of Leadership Capacity and invest in executive training programs to support development.

We teach – and help your leaders implement – the behaviours, practices and mindset required, to raise the bar in performance.

Using global benchmarks from a database of thousands, from CEOs to frontline managers, we are also able to assess whether your current and future leaders really do have the potential and willingness to excel and how much work it could take to get them there.

Our recommended Needs Assessment Tool for Leadership Development is the Hogan 360 Feedback Survey. (Please click the link to download your copy.)

Once we have identified the prevailing themes across the group, we can determine where to prioritise our efforts to give you the best return on investment.

Sound like just what your team needs?

How Sue has helped leaders like you

“Sue is incredibly insightful and within a short period of time, has been able to help me see my strengths and opportunities for growth.  I have appreciated her wise counsel and ability to help me re-frame challenges.

Working with Sue has given me a different way to think about challenges and has given me tools for being able to express myself with greater confidence.  Through this process I have gained a greater insight into what is important to me, and how I can better align my actions and purpose.  I’ve also gained a much better understanding of what triggers me and how I can avoid unhelpful behaviours.  

At first the idea of executive coaching was a bit intimidating for me.  Now that I’ve been through this process, I really see that it is an incredible investment in yourself.  I have gained so much more out of this than I expected.  I had hoped to increase my leadership capacity and my confidence – and it has – but I’ve also gained some valuable insights into what is important to me as a person, helping me to manage relationships both at work and in my personal life.”

~ Kate Speare (Infrastructure Funding Policy Director NSW Department Planning, Industry & Environment)

“Thank you. You have an open-hearted graciousness and a huge depth of skill. Spiritual Intelligence meets EQ and IQ. Thank you for your own journey. Your many ‘yes’s in your own life have crafted a skilled, authentic teacher. I really loved your translation of ‘esoteric’ principles into practical realities. It has been a pleasure to meet and learn from you.”

~ Mary Dwyer (Director Impact Solutions International)

“Sue’s knowledge, wisdom and compassion make her a very valuable coach. Combing business advice with holistic wisdom and business systems with ancient healing, Sue always seems to say and do the right things for the right time. Not only am I continuing to grow in myself and my business, I feel safely held and guided on the journey.”

~ Daniela Falecki (Educator-Speaker-Coach Teacher Wellbeing)

“Sue has been working with me for several years as my executive coach and I could not recommend her enough to anyone wishing to extend themselves and their career. Sue has the ability to challenge, stimulate and drive self-improvement whilst keeping the fun in personal enlightenment – what a great combination. The “Amazing Grace” workshop for women was another unique opportunity that has helped me understand who I am and what drives my attitudes to money, work and achievement. I truly value my learning experiences with Sue.”

~ Debbie Sharpe (Director, Strategic Operations & Change Realisation at WSLHD)

“Sue and I have had the opportunity to engage on a range of occasions, most notably over 2019 where I had the privilege of working with Sue as a mentor. Asthma Australia Ltd was formed in October 2017, the merger of several Asthma Foundations across QLD, NSW, Victoria, ACT and SA with the former Asthma Australia Inc. I was delighted to have been offered the opportunity by the Board to lead the amalgamation and realise the potential of a single, larger organisation.

Sue has provided invaluable support, insights, and encouragement during the time we have been working together. She is a consummate professional, intelligent, well networked, and importantly balanced. She sets an excellent example for women in leadership.”

~ Michele Goldman (CEO Asthma Australia)

“I would highly recommend Sue to help get the business and life outcomes you are looking for; she is wonderful to work with. Sue is a professional in every way and her advice is practical and life changing. Sue Initiates profound thought which enables deep-seated blocks to be revealed and she specialises in getting to the core issues. She is open, honest and to the point. Her positive bubbly nature is infectious I love being around her.”

~Robin Baird (Community Place Manager, Sydney Metro)

“Sue is an excellent coach with a common-sense approach to business issues and personal development. My time with Sue allowed me to improve my presentation skills to the point where I now look forward to presenting in front of large and small groups, something I never felt I would be comfortable doing. I am more than happy to recommend Sue to anyone looking to develop themselves further.”

~ Mark Twomey (CFO, Youth Off The Streets)

“I have hired Sue’s services as a Business Coach and mentor. Her integrated background in Psychology, Business and Coaching make her an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. She has both supported and stretched me to work towards my best possible self and allow my business to flourish. Her ability to read and interpret where I am at and where I need to be is truly inspiration. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue and Iris Group to any prospective businesses or individuals who require professional coaching.”

~ Claudia Owad (Owner, Creative Training and Secretary, International Coach Federation Australasia Inc.)

“I have known Sue for three years now and she has impressed me with her work ethic, professional expertise and wonderful personal demeanour. Just a few days ago I underwent a discovery session with Sue concerning my relationship with money. A remarkable, challenging 40 minutes that lead to a truly enlightening break through. She has changed my financial thinking forever and I look forward to continuing the journey with her.”

~ John Mason (Managing Consultant, quality.com.au)

“Sue has developed an effective career coaching tool which is focused on my personal situation. Not only am I achieving great results but I am also enjoying the journey. I would highly recommend Sue if you seek clarity surrounding your future career prospects.”

~ Tara Hopton

“Sue Tsigaros of Iris Group is one of those amazing women. She’s smart, warm, generous and fun, making her an absolute pleasure to work with. She is incredibly insightful and perceptive and has an uncanny ability to read your mind. She brings together enormous wisdom and wit and shares this with those she works with to increase confidence, change mindsets and help women business owners to truly build their businesses in a way that suits them, not anyone else.”

~ Rosemary Gillespie (Owner, Proof Communications)

“Sue, you are a brilliant light in my life!  Every time I am in need of support, you are there for me, even thousands of miles away!  Your coaching wisdom, serenity, insights, and expertise have helped me time after time to step into my most powerful self and have contributed to me tripling my income in one year.  Thank you for being my coach and champion!”

~ Janis Charlton Pullen (Executive Mastery Coach and Founder of Ontological Weight Loss: Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution.)

“Anyone who works with corporate clients MUST and I mean MUST engage Sue as your coach!  Her complete understanding of the complexity of organizations, how they operate and how to navigate them, even though you think you may know, will propel you to a completely different level of understanding and therefore success.    She’s a master! Sue helped me strategize how to move forward a project that had to travel the winding path of corporate politics.  She helped me break down into easy steps which level of the organization to start with and how to gather data to help me move this project forward so it could actually happen.   This project included 9 leaders with revenue in excess of 45,000. Thank you, thank you.  Words cannot express my gratitude.”

~ Quenby Ruben-Sprague (M.H.R.O.D., R.D. President and CEO, Healthcare Corporate Coaching Specialist.)

“In a short amount of time working with Sue, I have clearly designed my business signature system which helped me to leverage my time and increase my fees.  She brilliantly helped me know how to charge what I am worth and get it.  She is an amazing mentor for anyone in the business world. I love, love, love working with Sue.”

~ Becky

“Thanks so much, Sue, for putting me back on track early in the year. The business has gone very well and I have been really busy. The good news is that it got to a stage of fantastic growth that I merged my business with another business in October.”

Jenny Rudolph (Associate Director, Elton Consulting)

“Sue, thank you for your coaching, for giving me a safe place to explore my thoughts and feelings, and for asking the tough questions that need answering.”

~ Vanessa Hall (Director, Entente)