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Leadership Coaching - Iris Group Pty Ltd

Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to step into your full potential?

Our executive Coaching and Strategic Business Mentoring programs facilitate transformational change through:
• Awareness – Personality, Archetypes, Decision-Making Styles, 360 feedback
• Insight – Intention, Clarity, Integrity, Belief, Reason
• Action –  Resourcefulness, Innovation, Engagement
• Discovery – Ongoing Learning.

Stepping up to Leadership brings responsibility beyond just getting the operational job done. Many managers struggle with motivating their teams, keeping their best people, giving effective feedback, handling internal politics, finding the time to think ahead and provide strategic direction, to name a few.

Iris Group works with senior leaders in order to create a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture. This requires some brave work, and it is often our role to support senior leaders in organisations in facilitating the “un-had” conversations necessary to restore the wellbeing and productivity of their system.

Our coaching programs follow an integrated process, combining evidence-based diagnostics with transformational coaching methods to build a powerful, authentic context, that stimulates self-awareness and supports growth. The client is able to:

  • DISCOVER Their leadership strengths and challenges, see how their behaviour really comes across to others, understand and take responsibility for their own personality dynamics that drive these behaviours. They are also able to take stock of decisions, achievements and lessons to date and make a renewed commitment to what it is that they truly want to achieve.
  • DESIGN Strategic approaches, explore solutions, develop and test pathways towards delivering on their commitments – to the organisation, themselves and all of their stakeholders.
  • DELIVER Improved performance by consciously making changes in behaviour, mindset and practices so that they get to keep that is working well, stop what is getting in the way and start bold, new activity that will lift them up to the next level.

Women in Business

Supporting female executives and business owners is my specialty. Learn how to tap into your feminine power and potential with my Women In Business Programs.