Leading Teams & Organisations

Conversations for a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture 

Leading Teams & Organisations

Conversations for a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture 

Leading Teams & Organisations

Conversations for a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture 

  • Lost some good people lately?
  • Unable to get women into senior roles?
  • Dealing with bullying and harassment claims?
  • Frustrated that change programs are stalling?
  • Unable to identify a capable successor?
  • Do internal politics suffocate your productivity?
  • Team consistently missing their KPI’s?

If these types of problems are keeping you awake at night, let’s start a conversation about how I can help you.

What we help you achieve

Clarity of Vision

In its highest expression, when the system is working well and producing amazing outcomes, what does it look like?

Shared Purpose, Well-Articulated

Why was this system created in the first place? What and who is it for, really? Who knows and understands this and who realises and owns the part they are playing?

Power to Contribute

Who is empowered, who gets a voice and how does this enhance or diminish the energy running through the system? Empowerment means overcoming our default patterns of avoidance, compliance or the use of fear as a means of controlling or escaping from challenges.

Authentic Presence

having integrity, showing up and being real, paying attention. People are more educated than ever before and are no longer willing to tolerate fake leadership or purely positional authority.

Balanced Perspective

from personal stress reduction to paid parental leave and on to diversity and gender economics – all business issues of the 21st century are becoming intertwined with public health, social sustainability and macroeconomics.

How we do it . . .

How we do it


Rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach, we see each organisation as unique and we pay great attention to the human element as well as the business metrics.

We combine your own insights and gut-feel, with our evidence based tools, experience and skill, to develop a deeper inquiry into the underlying issues that are currently driving your results.

We then recommend and develop programs that are specific, relevant, timely, applicable and transformational – for those areas within the organisation where our support can make the most difference, so you don’t waste time or money on the wrong things.


1.     Confirming the Hunch you have that something is a problem in your business


We meet with the Program Sponsor and any other key Stakeholders, to hear their viewpoints and their intuition or ‘gut-feel’ about what is currently going on in the system, where the potential as well as the pain points are, and why they believe this.

2.     Measuring – Evidence-Gathering


We apply robust tools and processes to collect information about what’s really going on inside the organisation, while respecting the confidentiality of the participants. Data gathered is benchmarked against agreed standards such as Employer of Choice criteria. We may also review existing systems and processes; understanding and integrating what may have already been done but not fully utilized.

3.     Making Sense of the information (Meaning-Making)


Analysing and sharing collected information with you, your key leaders, and the whole organisation; reflecting concrete evidence back to you about what needs to change. This prepares the way for working with the organisational culture at a deeper level; bringing values to life; generating a shared intention for change; and helping you get increased alignment, engagement, and productivity.

4.     Prioritise Interventions


Taking into account the strongest areas of need, as well as contextual factors such as business and planning cycles, budgets and stakeholder expectations; we prioritise and plan a program delivery strategy with you, to optimise the degree of positive impact, so that you are able to generate important early ‘wins’ as well as align collective efforts towards a sustainable positive change longer term.

5.     Project Manage & Feedback

Implement Supporting Program(s)


Designing and delivering an agreed range of targeted, customized, and cost-effective programs such as leadership team development; performance management; innovation and creative thinking; productivity enhancement; strategic thinking; 360-feedback processes; decision-making; and individual capability coaching that will create sustainable change for your organisation.

6.     Connecting to the Business Plan (Embedding Outcomes)


Assessing and evaluating goal-directed progress; promoting virtuous feedback loops within the organisation, aligning program outcomes with strategic talent development, competency frameworks, and performance management systems in a business context, so that your HR and business agendas are brought together.

7.     Measure ROI, Re-Test & Next Steps (Quantify outcomes)

Follow up surveys and assessments used in Step 5, approximately 12 months after the completion of a program; to measure the longer term impact of these interventions and further inform the HR and Business Planning agendas.

Great Business Strategies can only be Fully Delivered with Effective Leadership and Well-Functioning Teams.

Discuss your company with us and find out how we can help you thrive!

How Sue is helping organisations like yours 

“I was first introduced to Sue by a board member who highly recommended Sue for important leadership development and coaching work in our organization. Sue brought a wonderful approach to coaching our team on having courageous conversations, a challenging area but one in which her wonderful and personal demeanor made it accessible, engaging and a safe learning environment for all.”

~ Michele Goldman (CEO Asthma Asutralia)

“Sue Tsigaros has worked with my staff a number of times to help improve working relationships between individuals and within groups. Sue is a consummate professional who quickly understands the needs of the business and uses her broad experience, extensive toolbox and warm personality, passion and drive to help implement positive outcomes for both the business and its staff. I thoroughly recommend Sue’s services to workplaces big and small when a need to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and intra-staff relationships has been identified.”

David Hunter (General Manager Operational Policy and Performance – Roads and Maritime Services)

I have engaged Sue to assist in building my team’s resilience. Sue delivered an excellent program of workshops and activities to address the need to keep a highly productive team motivated and energised. The results were much better than I could have predicted, the team members felt valued, respected each other’s contributions and have continued to operate at a high standard through many challenges

~ Carmen Osborne (Development Manager, LandCom)

“Sue give fearless feedback which I find invaluable.”

~ Alan Stoneham (former General Manager, Penrith City Council)

“Sue is a strategic consultant who possesses the ability to see the big picture and work with the people involved to achieve the targeted outcomes. She understands business and people and how they work together, extremely well. I recommend her to any business that is not achieving their best through their people.”

Pree Sarkar (Director, Salescraft Recruitment and Training)

“Sue is one of those rare people who can inspire you to reach for your full potential. As a coach, she is experienced and practical in her approach and is very knowledgeable in solid business fundamentals. I highly recommend Sue to any business owners, executives and managers who are looking to develop themselves, their people and their businesses”

~ Alison Higgins-Miller (Vice President APAC, RightNow Technologies)

“Sue has consistently delivered, with integrity and insight, a structured organisational maturity growth at the executive team level. More importantly, Sue guided and coached me through my career development maze with an astute and personable partnership of confronting issues. I endorse Sue’s contribution with high recommendation.”

~ Ross Hooley

“Sue has provided a range of strategic organisational development services to Landcom, ranging from acting as the facilitator in structured workshops through to assisting Landcom develop a forward-looking, personnel development program for its line managers. Sue brings enthusiasm, a thorough knowledge of content and great people skills to the table.”

~ Steve Driscoll (Landcom, Director Sustainability and Policy)

“Outstanding. Provides authentic and high-quality services relevant to your individual requirements.”

~ Rob Cousins

“Sue has been instrumental in helping to define and articulate our strategic plan. Sue’s assistance gave clarity for our roadmap on how to deliver our goals step by step within a deliverable timeframe. Her mentorship ensured we built on our strengths and helped identify what areas we needed to work on. This has meant LPF as a team are aware of our strategic aim and where we are going and what part of the plan we are all involved in. Having this clear articulation of what LPF is striving for has made the team enthusiastic to achieve our first goal of a teaching program for educators in dealing with children on the spectrum. The team are also excited on the longer-term goal of a School dedicated to children with ASD and a tailored program for each child.”

~ John Thain (General Manager – Luke Priddis Foundation)

Great Business Strategies, Effective Leadership, and Well-Functioning Teams.

Want to optimise a cohesive, high-performing organisational culture?