Inspiring workshops for

women in business


Inspiring workshops for women in business


Inspiring workshops for women in business

What people have to say

“Sue, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful weekend with a group of fabulous women. I thoroughly enjoyed it on many levels, and it has totally reignited my spirit. I feel so inspired about my future and it’s happening now! thank you to a fantastic bunch of women – (I am) inspired, you’ve shown me the light”

~ Tara Hopton

“Each and every one of you has helped me so thank you; great to reaffirm and revisit some of the things I’ve forgotten about. This is by far the best personal development in all of the 20 years I have been going to these in corporate life.”

~ Penny

“Loved the exploration of how the different $ archetypes work – we’re all different, with different goals, and I really enjoyed it”

~ Cynthia

“Whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to each of you’ reassured by similarities even though we have different anxieties, fears, struggles I found the retreat very insightful and interesting to hear the other women’s stories. I would recommend it to anyone…I am grateful for the feeling of calmness, which is not my natural state and the clarity around my attitude to money.”


“So much work to do by listening to your experience Sue I can see that it can work; have discovered where my value lies’ have a direction now, whole list of things to do, accountability, great conversations – have missed adult conversation – you’ve all enriched my life”

~ Camille

“Thank for the work Sue, the rich models; Colleen for the facilitation, to Pat and Cynthia for looking after us so well.”

~ Dominique

“Thank you to everyone for having me here, for not judging me when I cried, everyone demonstrated empathy and sympathy for everyone; I felt comforted by your acceptance; I’ve enjoyed it”

~ Debbie

“Had a breakthrough today which made some of what happened yesterday and what was said clearer, which made the feminist thing clearer and so much more important.”

~ Nicola

“Sue’s insight and wisdom opens women to take back their light and space. The workshop was engrossing, moving and fun, and the friendship and support totally inspiring”

~ Michele

“Sue challenges me with new processes and I grow because of it!”

~ Debbie

“Very thoughtful and well-conceived program”

~ Anonymous

“Thank you for another transformation!”

~ Anonymous

“The facility was wonderful. Sue’s ability to hold conversations and to direct people in a caring and safe way made the rest of us feel safe to walk forward on our own journey. Giving permission to explore various aspects was ideal and speaking to the group, to workshop the process, was even more enlightening that I would have expected. Will certainly recommend to others.”

~ Anonymous