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Sue Tsigaros

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Integration, Transformation and Growth.

Sue founded Iris Group Pty Ltd, in 2002 and has earned recognition as a strategic thinking partner for senior leaders.

She contributes more than 30 years experience knowledge and skill, built over an entrepreneurial, corporate sales and academic career.

She works with CEOs, General Managers and Executives in Government and Corporate roles, also Small Business Owners and Service Professionals.

She empowers her clients to claim career success, personal freedom and quality of life, truly valuing themselves and their worth and stepping up to strategic, influencing roles.

Sue is passionate about the power and potential of feminine wisdom in leadership, enabling organisations to innovate and thrive through integrative and inclusive approaches to decision-making.

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Iris Group

What’s in a name . . .

Sue named her company Iris Group after the ancient Greek goddess whose role it was to impart the deities’ wisdom to the leaders of the world.
The iris is also the part of the eye that opens to allow light in, a nod to the way the transpersonal coaching experience encourages new perspectives.
Each person’s iris, the coloured part of the eye, is as unique to the individual just as your spirit, mission and purpose are unique to you.







Why choose to work with Sue?

As a strategic thinking partner and trusted advisor, Sue helps business leaders to see deeply into their organisations and themselves, understand the human dynamics of productivity, select and develop the right people and facilitate the development of an effective organisational culture.

She supports the development of a strong female leadership presence, not only to have more women as senior leaders, but also to help men become more familiar and comfortable with the feminine aspects of their own consciousness – such as emotional intelligence – to foster balanced decision making and create a more desirable, prosperous and sustainable world for everyone.

Sue has led a her own consultancy since 2002, following a successful organisational career for 20 years. She holds an Honours degree in Psychology and Masters of Applied Science (Coaching Psychology).

Our Mission

Our mission at Iris Group is to serve leaders, much like the goddess Iris did – through connection, understanding and communication – to help you bridge the gap between highest ideals and practical reality.

We will give you the tools you need to align with your calling, clarify your vision, break through limiting beliefs, set priorities and take courageous action, to achieve the prosperity and fulfilment you desire, while maintaining your wellbeing and integrity.

To start a conversation about how Sue Tsigaros can help you or your organisation, please contact her here.

Qualifications & Memberships

Sue talks about her Journey

Since the mid-1970’s I have been ‘doing the inner work’ – from being a student in Psychology and Philosophy and then teacher for 4 years, to the years from 1979-84 as an initiate. In the spiritual community I lived in, I witnessed incredible transformation and moments of deep truth and understanding. During that time, I studied and experienced physical, psychological and spiritual healing, meditation, nutrition, bodywork, group process and other modalities.

Almost 20 years of Corporate life followed this time, and I grew to senior roles in Sales and Management in large multinationals, working at a national and regional level. These years taught me much about commerce, leadership, power and gender issues, in the business and political arenas. I also began to deal with the impact of being a high-achiever, striving to live up to the ‘superwoman’ ideal. I forgot much of the spiritual teaching for a while. And of course in those days, that whole struggle had to be kept hidden at all costs – until I had an Executive Coach of my own!

Inspired by my experience as a coaching client I began my Masters in Coaching Psychology at Sydney University in 2002 and have been working in my own business as an Executive Coach and Group Facilitator, for the past 12 years. I have worked over thousands of hours with hundreds of men and women, many of whom were challenged by the fear of expressing their creativity and truth, and keeping themselves – and the people they were leading – stuck, unfulfilled and unproductive as a result. What coaching allows you are freed up up emotionally and creatively that was previously stuck and when they unblock the stuck energy they become more creative – doing business becomes easier.

As my coaching practice and work with organisations developed, I have seen the need for courageous, authentic leadership coming more to the forefront than ever before. And as business owner who merged her Company with another consultancy for 2 years, more than doubled the combined turnover and then realized that it was not working, I have had my own leadership tested in ways that I had only ever seen clients struggle with!

Happily regrouping back to my own company Iris Group Pty Ltd again, to re-launch anew, I have drawn upon those spiritual teachings more than ever, and while maintaining all of the solid foundation in evidence based approaches to development that I have always used, I am now integrating a deeper and more sociological inquiry into the Power and Potential of Feminine Wisdom in Leadership. The business is named after Iris, the goddess of Greek mythology who personifies the rainbow and is known as the Messenger of the Gods. Iris is the link between the Gods and humanity.

I know now – some 30 years after I first started out – that all those years ago when I was searching and struggling, I was actually laying the foundations for what was to be revealed as my soul’s purpose and my life’s work. I truly love this work and the clients that I work with! Many of you have been on as rich and varied path as I, and it is my privilege to support you in moving to your next level.

About Iris Group Pty Ltd

Iris Group Pty Ltd was launched by Sue Tsigaros in 2002. Sue is now recognised as a leading strategic thinking partner for senior leaders, a gifted and generous leadership coach and an inspiring speaker. Her work ranges from development of strong leadership and culture in organisations, to individual transformation for those who are inspired to move into the greatest expression of their potential and create a meaningful legacy. She skilfully blends a range of modalities from evidence-based, solution-focused and coaching approaches to transpersonal, spiritual and action methods, in an atmosphere of authenticity, courage and connection.
Sue offers extensive experience, knowledge and skill, built over an academic, corporate and entrepreneurial career spanning more than 30 years and a lifetime of deep philosophical inquiry and spiritual work.

Board-level business advisors and CEOs of business associations now seek Sue’s input, to help realise much-needed gains in engagement and performance. Sue has her own team of staff and consultants who support her in the operations, marketing and service delivery of Iris Group Pty Ltd.

To start a conversation about how Sue Tsigaros can help you or your organisation, please contact her here.

High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


Phone: (02) 8860 6540
Level 5, 4 Columbia Court,
Baulkham Hills 2153 Sydney, Australia