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Is a recent merger or restructure not going as smoothly as planned?

Are there sub-cultures and silos suffocating morale and productivity?

Are too many good people leaving - along with their knowledge and experience?

Are your women leaders reluctant to apply for senior roles?

Are sick leave, compensation, bullying and harassment claims on the increase?

Is your Board frustrated that change programs are stalling?

If one or more of these symptoms are occurring, you may be working in an organisational system with an unhealthy culture. Signs of a healthy culture include both harmony, respect and good humour, as well as robust and even passionate dialogue about what matters. Once decisions are made it is understood and agreed that this is the way forward for now, and we will give it our best, while willing to own and learn from our mistakes. True accountability engenders proactive communication.

This is the kind of place where people enjoy coming to work, and you are regularly receiving expressions of interest from talented people wanting to become part of what you’re creating. Succession planning and marketing become easier, as you have an ever-increasing pool of fans and recommenders – to help the right people find you. 

If you want to develop a healthy organisational culture that can attract positive people and opportunities, there may be some tough truths to be faced and hard decisions to make, however its possible to do this with commitment, courage and the right approach.

Let’s start a conversation about how I can help you bring your organisational culture back to vibrant health.

For smaller organisations and micro-businesses, please visit our Business Coaching page

A healthy organisational system thrives by regularly paying attention to the following elements

Clarity of Vision

Shared Purpose, Well-Articulated

Power to Contribute

Authentic Presence

Balanced Perspective


We have a well developed and tested approach to discovering where the pain points in the system are creating the most challenge, then working closely with you to design and implement appropriate and timely solutions.

Rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach, we see each organisation as unique.

We combine your insights and gut-feel, with our evidence based tools, experience and skill, to develop a deeper inquiry into the underlying issues that are currently driving your culture and your results. We pay great attention to the human element as well as the business metrics.

We then recommend, develop and implement programs that are specific, relevant, timely, and transformational – for those areas within the organisation where our support can make the most difference, so you don’t waste time or money on the wrong things.



Confirming the Hunch you have that something is a problem in your business

We meet with the Program Sponsor and any other key Stakeholders, to hear their viewpoints and their intuition or ‘gut-feel’ about what is currently going on in the system, where the potential as well as the pain points are, and why they believe this.


Measuring – Evidence-Gathering

We apply robust tools and processes to collect information about what’s really going on inside the organisation, while respecting the confidentiality of the participants. Data gathered is benchmarked against agreed standards such as Employer of Choice criteria. We may also review existing systems and processes; understanding and integrating what may have already been done but not fully utilised.


Making Sense of the information (Meaning-Making)

Analysing and sharing collected information with you, your key leaders, and the whole organisation; reflecting concrete evidence back to you about what needs to change. This prepares the way for working with the organisational culture at a deeper level; bringing values to life; generating a shared intention for change; and helping you get increased alignment, engagement, and productivity.


Prioritise Interventions

Taking into account the strongest areas of need, as well as contextual factors such as business and planning cycles, budgets and stakeholder expectations; we prioritise and plan a program delivery strategy with you, to optimise the degree of positive impact, so that you are able to generate important early ‘wins’ as well as align collective efforts towards a sustainable positive change longer term.


Project Manage & Feedback - Implement Supporting Program(s)

Designing and delivering an agreed range of targeted, customized, and cost-effective programs such as leadership team development; performance management; innovation and creative thinking; productivity enhancement; strategic thinking; 360-feedback processes; decision-making; and individual capability coaching that will create sustainable change for your organisation.


Connecting to the Business Plan (Embedding Outcomes)

Assessing and evaluating goal-directed progress; promoting virtuous feedback loops within the organisation, aligning program outcomes with strategic talent development, competency frameworks, and performance management systems in a business context, so that your HR and business agendas are brought together.


Measure ROI, Re-Test & Next Steps (Quantify outcomes)

Follow up surveys and assessments used in Step 5, approximately 12 months after the completion of a program; to measure the longer term impact of these interventions and further inform the HR and Business Planning agendas.

Great Business Strategies can only be Fully Delivered with Effective Leadership and Well-Functioning Teams.

How Sue is helping organisations like yours

Meet Sue Tsigaros

Sue worked for 18 years inside organisations – from local to global in scale., then pivoted her career and gained postgraduate qualifications in Psychology so that she could spend the last 18 years consulting to – and supporting leaders in – small, medium and large companies, State and Local Government bodies.

Sue has substantial experience and success over many hundreds of projects, including:
Individual and team coaching, executive and leadership development programs, conflict resolution, career management, strategic organisational and talent development processes, staff engagement programs, tailored keynotes and motivational talks for teams and groups.

She is an accredited provider of the Hogan personality profiles and 3600 feedback, PBC Employee Opinion Surveys, Great People Inside assessments and The Leadership Circle.

High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


Phone: (02) 8860 6540
Level 5, 4 Columbia Court,
Baulkham Hills 2153 Sydney, Australia