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Take a moment to envision the impact your leadership could make if you were at your fullest expression of passion, power and potential.

What would your life be like if you were fully at home in yourself, at peace with your body, emotions and your physicality, with the ability to give voice to your true opinions? What if you already knew how to show compassion without taking on the problems of others and to powerfully assert your influence without attracting the negativity so often directed at strong women?

Whether you’re climbing the Corporate ladder, or steering your own course as a Business Owner or Freelancer, you may face a tough time changing around between all the other hats you wear on a day to day basis. Not only is there pressure to be an effective leader who delivers results, you’re also managing unspoken expectations in the many caring roles that exist outside of work for most women.

The truth is, you are way more powerful than you realise. The keys to unlocking this power and potential lie in meeting and embodying the feminine power and wisdom that exist in all of us – the innate gifts that you may have undervalued, dismissed, disowned or set aside, in favour of the traditional ‘male’ models of leadership success.

Those models rely on linear paradigms of causality and goal-directed behaviour, which are useful, but incomplete. They deal with inspiration, pursuit and transactions. When all of our faculties are activated we are also dealing with cycles, rhythms, synchronistic events and intuition. These are traditionally regarded as the ‘feminine’ aspects of human experience and have been excluded from management literature until relatively recently.

As the traditional command-and-control methods of leadership have been forced to give way to a more systemic and emergent approach however, studies are just beginning to ‘reveal’ what we knew all along. Emotional intelligence is vital, people do better when they feel valued, there can be several ‘right’ answers to the same problem, collaboration can work better than competition, and so on.

Increasingly, research reveals the gains in productivity, innovation, profitability and overall performance that organisations can make, by increasing the proportion of women in key decision-making functions and building overall capacity amongst all staff, in areas that were once regarded as ‘soft’ or ‘feminine’ and less important. These include competencies like Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Resilience, Inclusiveness and Collaboration.

Futurists predict that Soft Skills feature amongst the emerging must-haves for a workforce that is equipped to survive and thrive in an age of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

As a woman in an executive, management or leadership role, there has never been a better time to step into your power and help drive this change.

How We Have Helped Leaders Like You

Sue’s Leadership Expertise

It is my firm belief that an effective leadership coach needs hands-on experience as a leader in organisations. The deep challenges of leading a team to success cannot be overcome without the insight from first hand experience.

Not only have I been a leader in a number of organisations including my own businesses, I have also studied coaching psychology. My methodology blends practical experience, life experience, spiritual work and behavioural science.

Step into your brilliance

“Awareness with deep insight and inspired, aligned action is the only way to affect real, positive and lasting change.” ~ Sue Tsigaros

Many women step up to the leadership challenge with an “I’ve got this” attitude only to find themselves taking on too much and afraid to ask for support or appear vulnerable. This is not the way to stand in our power. Overcommitment without balance becomes detrimental to health and to the organisation, due to women leaving important executive roles in search of a better balance.

Sue founded Iris Group Coaching with a mission to help women succeed on their own terms in executive or leadership roles. There are unique challenges you face and that’s why our coaching services exist.

Leadership coaching with Sue Tsigaros focuses on unlocking the potential within you and transforming you into the radiant feminine leader you know yourself to be. 

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Unveiling Your Most Powerful Feminine Self

Our high-impact conversations reveal and unravel your day to day patterns as well as the passion and values that truly motivate you to do your best. These patterns may not always be conscious, however they are always affecting your ability to deliver results. By adjusting your behaviour with expert guidance, you can authentically transform your leadership and make a greater impact, by learning to

I invite you to take this journey and step into the radiance and compelling presence that is your very nature. Create yourself as the fully rounded, unique being that you are and relax into your true power and potential.

By doing so, you will flow through life and work, emanating the lightness of your being and sparking that flame in others.

The Tangible Results Speak for Themselves

High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


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