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internal echo chamber feature image Wisdom

Getting Out of Your Echo Chamber

Today I’m going to talk about the notion of the echo chamber. Wikipedia defines the echo chamber as ‘a situation …

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can-you-see-your-toes-feature-image-girl-raising-her-feet-up-high Business

Business Wellbeing: Can You See Your TOES?

‘Can you see your toes?’ You might think it’s a question about personal wellbeing, but in fact it’s just as …

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doing-is-not-enough-feature-image Challenges

When Doing is not Enough: When You Need to Know

It wasn’t what I needed to do. It was what I needed to know. I’ve always done what I was …

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why-you-need-a-career-coach-feature Career

What is a Career Coach? And How Do You Know You Need One?

It’s likely that at some point in your career, you’ll feel stuck. Your sense of drive and purpose may be …

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team-training-executive-training-vs-leadership-coaching-feature-image Leadership

Executive Training vs Leadership Coaching: How to Get More from Your Team

People frequently talk about training and coaching interchangeably. Yet they are quite different. It’s important to be clear what you …

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What does it mean to make New Years Resolutions?

Do they ever work? Many a New Year’s Resolution fails to flourish and there are several reasons. Like most people, I …

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You Have 2 Minutes! A 7-Step approach to being succinct.

How to Deliver a Presentation with Clarity and Confidence. You’ve been offered the opportunity to stand in the spotlight, in …

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Can you Really Outsource Your Leadership? Why Sponsorship Matters.

Believe it or not, some leaders still try to outsource rather than sponsor the important work of team development. Experience shows that the one-day-wonder-workshop is a …

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Excitement, Commitment or Voodoo Mind Tricks?

It started well…. Have you ever realised, after leaping into a new project or venture with great excitement – maybe …

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What Christmas Rush? A new Cycle Begins

Where did all the noise and glitter of the Christmas rush go? It happened, it shifted and now we feel …

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Women Power & Body Wisdom

Wearing Black is Not an Automatic Ticket to Powerful Presence

Why do our clothing choices automatically default to the ‘colour’ black? It’s not just that I personally dislike it as a clothing choice, …

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Getting rid of ‘Food Guilt’ by Choosing What I Want, not Eliminating What I Can’t Have

Many women habitually make choices and decisions through a process of eliminating what we believe we can’t have. When we …

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