Executive Coaching

Need a Coach with experience at your level, to help you up-level?

When you’re ready to carve out the time to be strategic or to work on yourself, get further faster by working with someone who is experienced enough to appreciate your context, strong enough to match you, and compassionate enough to fully see and hear you

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As a Leader,
are you sometimes or often:

Faced with tough decisions and in need of an impartial sounding-board to help weigh up your options?

Needing to create more time for strategic thinking and planning but unable to cut through the clutter of day-do-day busy-ness?

Excited about the prospect of a new role and eager to make a positive impact?

Carrying the load of under-performing team members but hampered by policies and politics?

Long overdue for a break but afraid to miss critical meetings or leave things in the hands of others?

Most leaders experience these challenges from time to time. However if you are beginning to worry and feel doubtful, procrastinating, losing sleep, tending to avoid certain people or situations, not having hard conversations, isolating yourself or getting angry on a regular basis with no clear resolution – it’s time to reach out. Executive coaching can help you and I am expert at helping leaders in your situation.

Who is Executive Coaching For?

Executive coaching is for passionate professionals at a management or executive level, looking to advance in their career, make a bigger or broader impact and further their leadership skills.

They want this to happen in the context of a private, confidential, purposeful relationship with a qualified professional, who can think at their level, support their process and challenge them appropriately.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large firm, a middle manager, or business owner, Sue’s coaching can offer you a broader perspective on the problems and issues that you face as well as a rare opportunity to understand and constructively explore your own decision processes.

Here’s how I've helped
leaders like you

Step into your brilliance

Learn how to purposefully create a climate for success by drawing on your strengths, understanding your default responses to stress and choosing to prioritise the decisions and conversations that will move you, your team and your organisation forward

We support you in finding fresh perspective and renewed energy as you re-invigorate your team and empower them to deliver beyond what you could have previously imagined.

Your Guide & Sounding Board

Most leaders experience these challenges from time to time. However if you are beginning to worry and feel doubtful, procrastinating, losing sleep, tending to avoid certain people or situations, not having hard conversations, isolating yourself or getting angry on a regular basis with no clear resolution – it’s time to reach out. Executive coaching can help you and I am expert at helping leaders in your situation.

Motivating themselves and their teams

Managing change and retaining their key people

Giving and receiving effective feedback

Identifying the critical nuances of internal politics

Finding the time to think ahead, with a clear head.

And yet many lack the training or mentoring to master these things in the time available. Are you also facing these challenges? If this is you, you’re not alone.

It’s no secret. Leadership roles demand strategic thinking, excellent relationship management, effective communication skills, high integrity and self-mastery. Like many, you may find yourself working in a high-stakes, complex environment.

A leadership coach offers you the ability to truly make your mark, derive great satisfaction and level-up your impact as a leader. Take your organisation, influence and your legacy to new heights by being a powerful, impactful force for change. A force for good.

This is what Iris Group is here to help you do. Quality conversations, clear thinking and balanced decisions matter, every day.

Step into your potential where and when it matters most.

How We Work

Each unique program is delivered in a 3-stage process, developed and tested over more than a decade, which really works. We call it the 3D approach:


Discover your leadership strengths and challenges, what motivated your key decisions and how your behaviour really comes across to others. Appreciate the decisions, achievements and lessons you’ve earned to date and make a renewed commitment to what it is that you truly want to achieve.


Map out the territory, develop scenarios, build and critique strategic approaches, explore possible solutions, develop and test pathways towards delivering on your commitments – to the organisation, yourself and your stakeholders. Appreciate the opportunity of a uniquely honest, safe and non-judgemental space in which to do this.


Deliver improved performance, significance and satisfaction by consciously making changes in behaviour, perspective and practices so that you get to keep what is working well, stop what is getting in the way and start bold, new activity that will lift you to the next level.

What Does an Executive Coach Do?

Here are some of the ways Sue supports executives through her tailored coaching programs.
Following an initial strategy conversation, your program will be designed using the 3D process, and will include several of the components listed below, based on your requirements, timeframe and budget

Personal Assessments

Assessments help you better understand yourself and your leadership style. Depending on what’s needed, you may experience personality, leadership style, decision-making style, money archetype or 360° feedback assessments.

Online Coaching Sessions

Similar to the face to face coaching sessions, these are more suited to remote work situations and held over Zoom. As with any coaching, the work you do between sessions is vital to your success, hence we use online methods of staying in touch to support you throughout your journey.

Private In-Person VIP Days

A half-day or full-day private workshop for deep-diving into key essentials. These can include personality, story, strategic planning, role-playing or practicing real situations such as making speeches or having tough conversations.

Accountability Calls

Regular, laser-focused accountability check-ins or just in time “saves” that keep you in the flow. If you need a support system to help you bypass negative thought patterns or other distractions.


Observing you in a meeting or presentation and then providing feedback.

Face to Face Coaching Sessions

These sessions are held regularly, generally every 2-4 weeks, for the duration of your executive coaching program. Coaching sessions are tailored to help you reach your goals as well as to offer personal feedback, key insights and decision making support.

Stakeholder Engagement

Including or updating your Manager or other stakeholders at regular intervals helps keep your program aligned with broader objectives and visibly contributing to a shared agenda, while preserving the confidentiality of your working relationship with me.

The degree of insight and courageous, honest feedback that you can gain from an Executive Coaching program is uniquely powerful.

Meet Your Personal Executive Coach

Sue Tsigaros has completed extensive studies in Psychology and Business over more than 35 years and is also accredited in a range of highly effective, globally benchmarked tools and validated psychometric assessments, which help us to rapidly identify what really makes you and your organisation tick.

Hundreds of executives who have worked with Sue found that these tools provided a clear understanding of values, preferences and core drivers that translate into motivation and team culture. The assessments also revealed strengths and competencies to build on as well as habits, beliefs and behaviours that prevented people from being at their best.

Being able to explore these openly with Sue – who works with courage, compassion, insight and humour – provided a catalyst for the transformation of these leaders, who were able to advance their careers while increasing their impact and making a positive difference in the world.

High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


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