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Boutique Business Coaching for Service-Based Businesses

Tired of packaged programs and ‘paint-by-numbers’ templated systems? Then you’re ready to work with us! Together we will grow the unique value contribution that is your business, helping create the lifestyle, impact and influence you deserve -through being of service to others.

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Take a moment to remember why your business was created and reflect on how it has evolved.

Are you proud of your accomplishments so far?

Are the next steps clear, planned and achievable?

Where do you want this business to be - in 3, 5 or 10 years time?

What should it have returned to you by then?

Imagine the difference you could make through your business, if you had all of the knowledge, resources and opportunities you needed!

What would it feel like, to know that you are truly aligned and on track with your intentions for the business? What would your life be like if you were the business leader with insight, foresight and clarity – knowing how to best steer your business forward with unshakeable confidence, even during uncertain situations?

No matter what kind of service-based business you own or what your preferred role within it is, we are here to serve your vision and to let your brilliance shine.

Step into your brilliance

Getting an idea is the easy part. Creating a business plan takes more effort and you might need some help. Delivering the plan is where drama gets activated and dreams slip away – OR you can make it the best learning experience of your life, that keeps on enriching you. Your choice.

We support you in clearing away the clutter of ‘I should have’, ‘I’m not good enough’ and all the unmade decisions. The burden of so many things that you are putting up with – out of avoidance or exhaustion – that rob you of your clarity, energy and passion.

Discover fresh perspective with renewed creativity as you re-invigorate your vision, inspire your team and engage supporters to help you deliver beyond what you could have previously imagined.

Experience the power of your courageous authenticity in action!

Our Business Coaching Philosophy

Every business is unique and people will need different inputs, skills and support at different times. Therefore we provide a service that lets us deliver exactly what’s needed, as it is needed.

We develop a unique program for each client, taking into account three equally important areas of need:

The order of discussion always starts with you, because you are the principal asset of the business and the reason for its existence. So, what do YOU want from the business?

Next are your ideal clients. Who do you love to work with and what do THEY really want? How well does your business serve them and where are the unique opportunities for your key differentiators to shine?

Only then do we look at the Business. Rather than following every latest trend, we take stock of current metrics and prioritise what the Business needs. We consider timing of your other priorities in life and make the most of your existing supports - in order to adequately and most effectively serve the needs of the Business, its customers and the owner(s).

How We Work

There is great flexibility in the content and tools provided to you, which are based on two essential aspects of the game you’re in as a business owner:

Drawing from over 40 years experience in psychology, organisations, entrepreneurship and self development, our approach has 3 stages, which are useful whenever you are ready to up-level or change:


Let’s find out why you’re in business, what you're hoping to get out of this venture and how are things really at the moment? What are you bringing to the table? Taking stock of all your wins, losses, great and not-so-great decisions, up till now. Let’s get clear about your clients – who are they and what do they need and expect from your business? This is a deep dive!


Here is where we imagine the ideal business model that would serve you, your aspirations, your current and future ideal clients and any other stakeholders who need to be a part of this – perhaps letting go of the ones who don’t. This is a stimulating, inspiring and very freeing process!


We now assess what the business needs in order to support this – are your sales activities, processes, technology and people really up to the task? What might need to change? How will we implement this in a way that is least disruptive to the current cash flow needs and appeals to your own appetitive for risk? This is where your true grit, tenacity and resolve can be tested.

How We Change Your Business

Your personalised workbook and other materials that you receive are compiled and structured to suit your process.

The specific content and support we provide to you and your business will depend on the plan we develop with
you and may include:

We're there with you to grow your business

Your pathway to the success, significance and satisfaction you deserve is a creative expression of your own evolution. It is influenced and nourished by the impact that you are having and the growth that you are receiving, every step of the way.

Your business will evolve as you do so that your idea of yourself becomes fully congruent with the vision to which you aspire.

With the support of your non-judgemental, truth-telling, and trusted business coach, who is fully committed to your success, the journey is a brilliant and empowering one!

That’s what we’re all about. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together and see your business blossom.


Why Our Clients Love Working With Us

Find the Business Coach Who is a Perfect Fit For You

In our years of experience, we have discovered one hard to dispute fact about business coaching. You will only see success if you are matched with the perfect fit – someone you can trust and who really sees and hears you.

Here is a list of criteria we have found to be essential for a meaningful and productive coaching engagement. Especially if you want it to produce significant value and a measurable return on investment.

When evaluating a coach, check whether they have:

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


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