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Want to wake up happy and excited about your work?

I help career professionals access their passions and strengths, sort out the opportunities from the distractions and cut through confusion – to create an exciting and sustainable strategy that is completely tailored to your needs and aligned with your true career aspirations

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Can you recall a time when you were excited about the work day, week, month or year ahead? A time when you experienced the right amount of challenge and autonomy, shared mutual respect with colleagues and knew that your contribution was making a difference? Or even beginning a new project or venture with slight trepidation but also a real fire in the belly and a determination to succeed? That is what it feels like to be in alignment – with your purpose, your surroundings and the people you work with.
If you’re not experiencing this currently, chances are you might be bored, stressed, struggling, resentful, frustrated or simply numb. It might also be showing up to others as disinterested, a problem to manage or even past your ‘use-by’ date! These are all signs that it’s time for a change. Or at least a conversation with someone who understands and could possibly help you get back to a much fuller and more satisfying life.

In your current role, are you...

Facing a change in role that you haven't really agreed to?

Tired of seeing others promoted ahead of you?

Feeling stuck where you are and unsure how to move on?

Wondering if you should stay in your current industry, or try something new?

Lacking motivation, always forcing yourself to show up and worried that your reputation might be suffering?

If the winning success formula that you’ve always relied on is no longer delivering the deals, opportunities and rewards that you wanted. Or, if you thought things were looking up but you’ve suddenly been retrenched – you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been there and experienced this first hand. We also know how to help you move through this time, make the most of the learnings it offers, reclaim your mojo and step forward into your true brilliance!

Our Career Coaching Philosophy

We offer 100% personalised coaching services that help you to identify your life purpose and structure the career goals and plans to support you on your path. We will help you identify the challenges that are getting in the way of a successful career journey and we support you to make new decisions from a clear perspective.
We know that sometimes, your sense of drive and purpose can be diminished. Whether this is because of the disheartening reality of retrenchment, or because of a lack of alignment between the company direction and your values, or just from the sheer exhaustion of juggling too many priorities and too much politics, we know it can seem hard to find a way forward.
Career Coaching is not just about escaping from one job and landing in the next available spot, which feels great at first and then the same old frustrations start to emerge again.
Our Coaching is a place of sanctuary, healing and renewal. This is about you. Together we discover what you really want to achieve from your career and we design a range of possible scenarios you can explore and test.
Once you know what your Plan A, B and C might look like, we support you in choosing any re-skilling that may be required, networking, and letting the marketplace know you’re available and perfectly matched for what they are looking for. We continue to work with you through the interview process, negotiations and settling in. For some this may turn out to be a business startup phase – going solo or beginning a new venture of their own.
Many of our clients go on to executive or entrepreneurial careers where they continue to call on us for coaching, consulting and facilitation for their subsequent needs. We pride ourselves on the successes and satisfaction that our clients have achieved through such long-term relationships.

Meet career coach
Sue Tsigaros

Sue has years of experience helping people rediscover (or discover for the first time!) their passions, strengths and career purpose. What will really satisfy you? Become equipped and excited to get more out of your career than you dreamed possible.
We see you and we value you. We want to help you find your purpose and drive. Don’t settle for less.

Are you ready?

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Career Coach FAQ

On this page, you will find answers to the most popular questions of our customers.
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An understanding of who you are, your circumstances and what you want out of your career is important. A great career coach will take a holistic approach to give you career advice tailored to you personally.

  • A career coach is not a counselor.
  • A career coach is not a recruitment officer and cannot guarantee you will get a job
  • A career coach cannot do the hard work of change for you.

We will work with you in a one-on-one capacity to guide you towards a career that will give you purpose, value, and satisfaction. With a wide network and years of experience, you will be fully supported in finding the career that will be an ideal fit for you.

If you feel as though you are in a rut, or approaching career burn out, a career coach is invaluable and the benefit of a satisfying transition is priceless.If you do nothing and the problem doesn’t go away, what will things be like in 6 month’s time? How will this have affected your physical and mental health, your relationships and your reputation? What could be the true cost of those things?

If you’re in a mid-to senior level role, a great career coach for you would have experience – both in and with – leadership within the workplace. They know how it feels to have so much at stake and understand how to appeal to the decision makers you will be approaching.

Sue Tsigaros has been a leader in several organisations for over 20 years as well as a business owner for 18 years. She has experienced the growth and change transitions of many organisations and the challenges they bring up, both as an employee and as an external consultant supporting organisations.

This first-hand knowledge helps her to understand the context you are in and the pressures you face. You can be assured that Sue will understand your desire to make the right career decisions and help you navigate this process with courage and confidence.

  • Career coaching empowers you beyond your workplace by giving you clarity as to your personal unique value in the world and what’s really important to you.
  • Realising that you have so many choices is exciting and empowering.
  • The actions that you will take and the support you receive increase your courage and confidence.
  • Find out about your self-defeating patterns and mistakes from someone who has your best interests at heart, so you don’t have to go on repeating them.
Begin thinking about what you really want to get out of life. Gather up your discarded dreams. Be prepared to put into practice the principles you learn. It won’t always be easy, but it will be valuable.
Your career coach will be able to help you discover and connect with your core values and strengths as well as your skills, interests and purpose. She will also help you strategise ways to find satisfaction and reward in your life and career that you may not even have thought of yet!

A career coach is using life coaching skills and methods to some extent, with the important added knowledge and experience that are needed in the business or organisational context. In addition a career coach has a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and decision processes, which gives you a clear advantage.

Want Clarity & Commitment Back In Your Career?

Don’t waste one more day tolerating, regretting or wondering “what if?”

High impact conversations that transform people and companies. Sue loves working with leaders on a mission, to untap their full potential. Her specialties include entrepreneurship, leadership, integration, transformation, and growth.


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